Online Drawing Three – Lesson Six

Online Drawing Three Lesson 6 is a larger-than-life, cross contour drawing of fruit or vegetables in colored pencil. Vases or bowls can be substituted as long as they are simple curvilinear shapes.

I used an apple and a pear, like the ones below, in my demo and I blew them up to fill the page. Notice there is very little space around the subject matter. That is what makes the fruit look large – the difference between the size of the objects and the amount of space around the objects. It changes the scale of the objects for the viewer

You can use fruit or veggies, or simple geometric shaped vases, or bowls, and use the colored pencils for contour edges and cross-contour value change, in a similar manner.

Whoops! I forgot to take the label off my onion. Do not try to draw the labels – as they will flatten out a surface that you are trying to make round!