Spoons, Forks, Bowls

Assemblage, found wood, Chinese rice paddles, oil, rice
Assemblage, Thai coconut bowls, found wood, found wooden fish shapes, encaustic medium, powdered pigment, 22ct gold leaf, fishing net
Assemblage, found wood, pitchforks, oil
Assemblage, found spoons, Fijian bowl, encaustic medium, 22 ct gold leaf, oil
Assemblage, found spoons, ladder, wood, and encaustic
Assemblage, found Eastern European spoons, wood, paper, encaustic and oil
Senegalese fork and spoon, walking stick, crutches, 2012
Assemblage, barrel top and bottom, carved African spoons, found wood, rake tine, oil
Assemblage, found wood, twine, hand carved spoons, cross cut saw blade, oil