MAKE/Shift Studios Summer Camps

HR Banner Sophia Unger Bethany Holland and Graham Bucci Harlem Renaissance Summer Camp


Campers age 11 through 15 have fun and express themselves through color, shape, drawing and design!  Each session includes a new art movement-related theme and group of art processes and activities.

Participants  enhance drawing skills, explore new materials and exercise their imagination with inspiring art projects. Two hours of drawing in the morning using graphite, pen and ink, colored pencils, charcoal pencils, pastels, oil pastels or conte crayon, etc. followed by two + hours of painting and/or collage and assemblage in the afternoon.

Media such as watercolor painting, sumi-e, mixed media painting, texture and found – object assemblage will be explored. Art related movies, access to the game room during the day and outdoor art adventures are all included in what will certainly be a memorable summer experience.  All materials are included.

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Surrealism Summer Camp