My work is inspired by, and created out of, found objects.  I juxtapose old tools and other household items – books, bowls, cutlery, with a tactile evidence of history, and function. I transform them with a variety of media – wax, oil, gold leaf, dry pigment – and in doing so, create a new narrative of fragility, inter-relationship, change and impermanence.

In each piece, items rise out of their menial station and become characters in a narrative – a spoon becomes a caretaker, or spirit, forks become soldiers, sailors, or lovers.  In relationship with others, and in new definitive contexts, each will anthropomorphize into something else –something more.

Re- framed, these humble objects echo celestial bodies, oracles, landscapes of desolation, cultural origin stories, inviting us to reflect on our place in the world, and on the human condition. The ultimate intention of my work is an aesthetic experience of human inter-connectedness.