“Kaufman’s pieces (are) elegant yet playful.” –Mark Jenkins, The Washington Post

“Kaufman uses collage and assemblage to connect her personal experience with the vast tradition(s) of art, history, poetry and music.” –Cumberland Times News

“The works, which utilize universal symbols, exemplify Kaufman’s ability to turn discarded objects into meaningful, layered art.” –Jordan Edwards, The Gazette

“A striking assembly of wood, metal and drawing by artist Katie Dell Kaufman.” –Lenny Campello, The Georgetown Crier

“Although Kaufman doesn’t explicitly¬† depict Asian ceremonial gates, her work is full of fences, doors and steps – beckoning observers into a world that simpler and, perhaps, more spiritual.” –Mark Jenkins, The Washington Post

“Kaufman’s work is original in the way that it delivers social observations filled with acute impressions of the discarded world of expendable items.¬† She joins her drawing skills with a refined eye for assembly and sculpture to create “three dimensional drawings” that subtly become sculptures before the viewer’s eyes.¬† In (Kaufman’s) work every object has a second hidden meaning exposed through her intelligent combinations of black and white drawings and found objects.” –Anne Kenderdine, The Washington Post