Materials for Summer Camp

Each week of camp requires materials for your child to work with.  You can pre-order materials from Plaza Arts in Silver Spring. They are doing curb-side pickup during the quarantine, so you can pay in advance by phone, and tell them what materials on the lists you will and will not need.

The materials for each camp are slightly different.  You’ll save some money if you are ordering supplies for more than one camp (for instance, a pad of 15 sheets of paper for three weeks of camp works ideally for 15 lessons).  For all three camps you’ll spend about $17.00 per camp. For two weeks of camp it’s about $23.00.  And for a single week of camp about $35.00.

You may already have materials in your home, like a #2 pencil, a black sharpie, a pink eraser, a pencil sharpener, and/or an 8-pack of Crayola markers.  If so, you save about $10.00.  Having black and white pastel pencils, will also lower the price.  Please note: Plaza Arts sometimes make substitutions, so the prices may change slightly. 

Please let me know if you have questions. I am looking forward to seeing your children this summer!