Online Drawing One – Still Life Examples

Lesson One – Objects that are white combined with objects that are middle value or darker. Ideally man-made objects that are symmetrical or semi-symmetrical.

Lesson Two – Organic/curvilinear shapes man made and/or natural forms.

Lesson Three – Objects that are the same size and shape or are similar shapes but different sizes or are in other ways similar but different.

Lesson Four Bowls of different sizes (and other kitchen items) (rolling pin, cream & sugar holders, basters, cup measures, funnel, casserole dishes, Corningware) a variety of solid colors which will translate into various values, with pencil, black charcoal pencils, compressed charcoal, a pink pearl eraser and a kneaded eraser on white drawing paper.

Lesson Five – Fresh Fruit – apples and/or pears, or lemons and/or oranges, (or in a pinch, 6 eggs would work – we get our fruit and eggs from the TP farmers market. Using black and white pastel pencils, black and white pastels on Mi-Teintes grey paper half sheet.

Lesson SixThings that are shiny – like silver plate or brushed aluminum (+ black) such as a hot water kettle or salt and pepper shakers, cake pans etc. Black and white pastel pencils and black and white pastels on Mi-Teintes grey paper half sheet.