Online Drawing Three – Still life Examples

Lesson One – Complementary colored objects that are simple shapes, in chalk pastel, on grey pastel paper.

Lesson Two – Self Portrait, in 3/4 view, using a mirror in graphite (#2 Pencil and either and ebony or layout pencil) on white drawing paper, or Bristol board.

Lesson Three – Value study, in black white and grey oil pastel, on Bristol board. White objects (or black and white objects) against a darker ground. High contrast – use a light on one side, if possible.

Lesson Four – Color study in oil pastel on Bristol board. I used a secondary palette, but you could use a primary one too. Secondary – Green, Purple, and Orange. Primary – Red, Blue, and Yellow. Use a light on one side, if possible.

Lesson Five – Monochrome palette, colored pencil drawing. I used metallic (brass) objects, but you can use any single color (include versions that are dark, light, warm, cool, bright, and dim) plus white, for your still life.

Lesson Six – Larger-than-life cross contour drawings of fruit or veggies (or opaque, curvilinear vases or bottles) with colored pencil on Bristol board.